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Open letter to Marie Törnqvist

Hi Marie

I'm sorry to hear that your daughter's dog is not healthy, and care has been difficult.  However, I do not accept that you are distributing false and fake information about my dog ​​and that you are defaming people and their dogs with false information.  There is a lot of knowledge about the future litter's background and all the information is open and there is no known reason why this combination would not be good.

The male, Taavi, is healthy bones (hips A / A, knees 0/0, elbows 0/0, LTV0 and VA1).

You claim my dog's back is deformed (VA1).  That statement is pretty drastic, especially when you don't tell us in detail.  My dog ​​is missing the last pair of ribs.  The spine is healthy.  All X-rays of my dog ​​are openly visible. The absence of the last pair of ribs does not make the dog ill or affect his life or health in any way.  The lack of a pair of ribs is not an obstacle to breeding.  Similarly, bitch C hips do not prevent breeding as long as the male has A hips, as in this case.
In addition, my dog's eyes have been examined more than once, and genetic tests have shown that it does not carry any known hereditary diseases. In Finland, dogs are carefully examined and therefore much more than average is known about the starting point of this litter.  We in Finland use only dogs that have been proven to be healthy, for breeding.

In addition, you claim that my dog's relatives ​​has a serious skeletal problem. Could you tell us more about these because I or my dog ​​breeder do not have any information on these. My dog's sister has a patella luxation as a result of the accident. And she has been operated by leading specialist who also said it's traumatic. Her puppies have knees 0/0. Accidental problems do not inherit.  Before the accident, the sister has been examined for a healthy knee (knees 0/0 2013 and 2015).

In addition to clinical health tests, my dog ​​has also been tested for character (MH and character test).  My dog ​​also acts as a seqch and rescue dog for police-mandated tasks, so there is hardly any need to discuss character.  In addition to its character, rescue dog action requires the dog to be holistic in health and well-being.

Taavi has a previous litter, all examined (4/5) are skeletally healthy.

I would now like your public apology and rectification.  If that doesn't work, I want you to publish the information that makes this combination bad.  Only facts can help improve the health of our dogs.  Spreading assumptions, rumors, lies and inaccuracies is of no use to anyone.

Edit: she continues to spread false information:

You can check the correct information on the Koiranet, the link above.

Edit2: After several more or less appropriate messages...

I thint it's great that Marie is interested in the breed's health and worries about the future. I wish there was something good about all that mud slinging (I do not know the right phrase in Englinsh).

I wish that breeders and dog owners, regardless of breed, would research the health of their dogs as widely as possible, even though that particular individual was not intended for breeding.

Finland is an advanced country in researching the health of dogs, at least in the case of Pyr Sheps, dog owners have actively researched their dogs. In addition, we have an open free database available to everyone. The Finnish Kennel Club pronounces back pictures and I think that as well foreigners can get an official statement on their dogs' back pictures, as long as the description is done according to the instructions.

The more we know about the true, well-studied health of dogs, the better we can work towards a healthy breed. We should work together for this great breed, and this current staining campaign is not helping at all. Factual and open debate is the only way to move things forward. I hope that everyone is able to stay in truth and talk about things in a correct way.

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